RW, QL Plus, P4T - Blank LCD Screen

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Blank LCD screen on printer when unit powers on

Applies To

All Zebra Mobile Printers

Cause or Overview

The INDEX.WML file controls the LCD display. If this file is not saved on the printer or if the file is invalid, the LCD may be blank.


Printers with the LCD control panel option use the WML language to create screens or "cards" for the display.  If this file is not present on the printer, or if the file is invalid, the LCD display may be blank.  A file listing (File directory)  is provided when performing a two key test on the printer.  The WML language is explained in detail in the CPCL Mobile Printing Systems Programming manual.  You should see the "index.wml" file within the file directory.

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You can attempt to correct this issue by sending a new index.wml file to the printer and then rebooting the printer (power off and then back on).  

Helpful information

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