RW Series -- Controlling WiFi and Bluetooth on a dual-radio Zebra Mobile Printer

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Some RW Series printer configurations are equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth communications modules. These printers allow operation of only one wireless radio at a time

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RW Series Mobile Printers Configured with a Dual-Radio


If WiFi is enabled, printer firmware will disable Bluetooth radio communications (i.e., turning on WiFi overrides and disables Bluetooth). In order to re-enable Bluetooth radio communications, WiFi should be disabled first.

Identify the RW420/RW220 with dual radios as follows:

The Configurator number on the product label (located on the back of the pinrter) with an L or a J in the position shown in Red (see example), identifies the printer having the Dual Radio option. 

Example: R4D-0ULA000N-00

To Enable WiFi

    ! U1 setvar "card.enable" "on"

To Enable Bluetooth

First turn WiFi off, then turn Bluetooth on:

    ! U1 setvar "card.enable" "off"
    ! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable" "on"

 NOTE: In order to activate either one of these changes a physical reset (power off and on with the power button) is required.

(Please refer to the Configuration/Control Commands section of the CPCL Programming Manual for command syntax and further information.)

Click the following link for the CPCL Manual  Read More>>

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  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Print Station
  • RW Series Mobile Printers