RW Series, QL Series - Calibrating CPCL Mobile Printers

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Calibrating CPCL Enabled Mobile Printers to the installed media. Correcting mis-feeds and/or paper our errors.

Applies To

Zebra RW Series Printers, Zebra QL Plus Series Printers


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The steps below should help correct incorrectly feeding media, vertical drifting of print on the media, and media out errors due to incorrect media sensors being used for the given media.  Although the printer attempts to automatically calibration, the sensors may not properly detect the media in which case the following steps need to be taken to apply the appropriate settings.  By default the printer will be set to use the mark sensor for black mark media so if gap media is being used, you will most likely be required to configure the printer for that media type.  This procedure also includes setting the printer to journal media type or receipt type media that does not have a gap, notch, or any other break in the roll of media (continuous media). Read More>>


Using CPCL printers requires you to apply a CONFIG.SYS file to the printer for it to know the media type being used. This is the first file that should be sent to the printer.  Below are examples of such files for each media type:

Gap Media (media with a 2mm-4mm inter-label gap):

! DF CONFIG.SYS                        
! UTILITIES                                    

Black Mark Media (media with a 2mm-4mm inter-label black line):
! DF CONFIG.SYS                        
! UTILITIES                                    
Journal/Continuous Media (receipt type paper with no breaks in the roll):
! DF CONFIG.SYS                        
! UTILITIES                                    
The next file that gets sent actually calibrates the printer's sensors to the installed media so that it knows the appropriate label length.  When this file is sent to the printer the printer will feed a few labels out to recalibrate:
Gap Media:
! U1 setvar "media.sense_mode" "gap"
! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"
Black Mark Media:
! U1 setvar "media.sense_mode" "bar"
! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"
Journal/Continuous Media does not require this file to be sent as label length will be specified via the print job/application.
Note:  The "~jc^xa^jus^xz" command is a ZPL emulation command and is not requires if CPCL only is being used.
After sending these files, power the printer down and back up and then press the feed button to ensure only one label feeds.  If it does, your printer is calibrated.

Helpful Information

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  • QL Plus Series Mobile Printers
  • QL Series Mobile Printers
  • QL320 Mobile Printer
  • QL420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 220 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Mobile Printer
  • RW 420 Print Station
  • RW Series Mobile Printers