Second Half Of The Last Line On A Label Is Missing Or Corrupted

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Text line at the bottom of the label is cut off or incomplete

Applies To

KR203 Printer Drivers 1.3.510.94 and 1.3.510.97

Cause or Overview

Compression setting is affecting the print on the label when using the Kiosk Printer Drivers 1.3.510.94 and 1.3.510.97. The issue is that the driver fails to render the second half of the last text line printed on a receipt.

This works correctly with the older .83 driver but fails on the newer .94 and .97. driver versions.

The KR203 printed example below shows the reported error:

User-added image


The solution is to turn off the "Document Settings / Compression" parameter from the default of Yes to No. This setting is located in the Device Settings in the driver as shown below:

User-added image

+ Product Codes

  • KR203 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • KR203 Kiosk Receipt Printer