Select Zebra Printer Drawings and Dimensions

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Zebra Printer STP (3D CAD Files), PDF, and ASM (CAD File formats) dimension drawings are available for the following printers

Applies To

  • ZT400 Series Printers
  • ZT200 Series Printer
  • ZE500, 170 Pax4, 110 Pax4 Print Engines
  • Xi4 Series Printers
  • 105SL Plus Printers
  • S4M Printers
  • ZM Series


Note: There are no Desktop printers listed in these files but they are available in the user guide on our website. 


Printer drawings are available as zipped files located on the Zebra Drop Box Server Read More>>

These are rather large and we have placed them on the Drop Box Server to allow you to access and download. (please note the files may be over 1.4 GB in size)