Sending a Test XML file to Zebra Enterprise Connector and Nothing Prints

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Here are some suggestions, if you have your printer setup within CUPS for your Unix or Linux supported OS and a test XML file is sent but nothing prints

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Zebra Enterprise Connector and XML


For example you try running this command:

./zec -p "xmlreports/Shipping.xml" "YourPrinterName"

and it is not working, you get nothing to print out and no error.

You can first check to make sure you have a successful connection to the printer:

For an Ethernet connected printer, using a terminal emulation program or the command line, connect to the printer via telnet, and send the ZPL command ~WC. A printer configuration label should print.

The following is an example of a command to create a raw telnet connection to a printer at IP address

telnet 9100

After you are connected to the printer, send the ~WC command 

If the configuration label for the Zebra ZPL printer is printed successfully but the Shipping.xml file you send to the same printer does not print:

1.)    First, make sure that the printer name as you set it up in CUPS is the same as the ‘YourPrinterName’ field.  If, for example, you called your printer in CUPS ‘TestPrinter’, your command will look like:

  ./zec –p /opt/zebra_ec/xmlreports/shipping.xml TestPrinter

2.)     Also, file paths can conflict the ZEC commands.  Assuming you’re using default folder settings, navigate to the  /opt/zebra_ec/bin folder, and send the following command:

./zec –p /opt/zebra_ec/xmlreports/shipping.xml TestPrinter

(The idea here is to be very explicit with the file paths.)

3.)    There is an error log located in  /opt/zebra_ec/logging that may have some details about what went wrong with your attempted print job.  Take a look and see what it says.

For assistance with the results of the log file, contact and attach the .log file created.


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