Setting the Cut After Quantity in ZebraDesigner Software

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How do I configure the printer to cut after printing a group of labels?

How do I set a cut quantity when printing multiple labels across the label?

How to control the cut operation in ZebraDesigner Software

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ZebraDesigner Software 


The Cut After quantity setting must be configured in the Printing Preferences and should be set to a value equal to or **larger than the application needs. This applies to printing multiple across labels as well. 

**Note: If you set the value higher you can avoid the annoyance of changing the Cutter Group Quantity in Properties for different print jobs.


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Here is an example of setting ZebraDesigner to cut after printing various groups or batches and how the printer will respond. 

With Cutter – Group Quantity in Properties set to 4

  • Set Print Value to 2 it prints and cuts after 2
  • Set Print Value to 3 it prints and cuts after 3
  • Set Print Value to 5 it prints and cuts after 4 then prints and cuts 1 more
  • Set Print Value to 10 it prints and cuts after 4 twice then prints and cuts after 2 more


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