Setting the Darkness level with the ZPL language.

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Setting the darkness using ZPL commands ~SD or ^MD

Applies To

ZPL compatible printers


There are two ZPL commands that can be used to adjust the darkness level: 

^MD - The ^MD command adjusts the darkness relative to the current darkness setting. (i.e. it adds or subtracts from the Darkness value configured on the printer.) 
Note: The ^MD is persistent across label formats until an new ^MD command is issued or the printer power is cycled. This applies to all ZPL printers with the exception of the G-Series printers. The G-Series printer stores the ^MD value and will retain the setting through a power cycle. 

~SD - The ~SD command allows you to set the darkness of printer Darkness setting. This value will be displayed on the printer LCD if available or on the configuration label.


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