Setting the Darkness on EPL Desktop Printers

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Important: If you are using an LP2844 printer that is used for or supplied by a shipping vendor (i.e. UPS or FedEx for example) DO NOT try to load standard firmware or drivers from the Zebra Website. These printers are used exclusively with the shipping vendor's driver and label application. Read More>>



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Setting the darkness on a LP/TLP2844 printer

Adjusting printer density setting to make the image darker or lighter

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Darkness Settings - The darkness setting is controlled through software/driver settings or through the printer's native language EPL.
  • If your application is printing through the Zebra Designer Driver Read More>>
  • If your application is printing through a 3rd party driver, contact that vendors technical support.
  • If you are using EPL code in your application Read More>>
The current printer darkness value ( D ) can be seen on the printer's configuration settings.  Read More>>