Setting the ESSID on the MK1000

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How to configure Wlan name on the MK1000?


MK1000 has no connection to network.
ESSID needs to be set.
  1. Press the 1 and the 4 buttons simultaneously to display the Password Screen.
  2. You will be prompted to: ENTER PASSWORD:
  3. Using the four function buttons enter the password: 44213.
  4. When the password is entered successfully, the System menu displays:
    • System Menu
      Network  <
      Save & Reboot
      Set System Configuration
  5. Press the 3 button (next) to go to the Network option, press the 4 button (Enter) to select the option.
  6. Press the 3 button to go to the Wireless Ethernet option. The Wireless Ethernet Configuration menu will be displayed. 
  7. Press the 3 button to go to the RF Network Settings option, press the 4 button to select the option
    • The following menu will be displayed:
    • RF Network Settings
      101  <
      Encryption: Disabled
      Key ID: 1
      Key Management
      Radio Status
      Set ESSID
  8. Use the 3 button (Next) or the 2 button (Previous) to select the ESSID field to set the correct value.
  9. Press the 4 button to enter “scroll edit” mode.  The field clears and the first character of the field displays.
  10. Press the 2 or 3 button to rotate through all the possible values (numbers or letters).
  11. When you reach the desired value, press the Enter button to lock it in and move to the next position.
  12. When finished entering data, press the 1 button(Escape) to leave scroll-edit mode.
  13. Press the 1 button to make the change permanent.
  14. Press the Escape button (1) three times to return to the main menu.
  15. Press the 3 button to select Save & Reboot, press the 4 button to enter the option.
  16. The system will prompt that changes have been updated and the unit will reboot. 

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