Setting The IP Address through the S4M LCD Front Panel Display

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How to use the front panel to set or change TCP/IP settings. IP, Subnet, & Default Gateway addresses.

Applies To

ZebraNet Print Server II and ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 (internal or external)

ZebraNet Wireless and Wireless Plus Print Servers, & Wireless BG Print Server

S4M using V58 firmware


1. Press  Menu.  Then press the Left Arrow button. 
Display should read  Advanced Setup 3

2. Press  Enter.  The default password is 1234.  Use the Up Arrow button to increment the number and the Right Arrow button to move the cursor.  Press enter when done.  

3. Scroll left until you see  Obtain IP Address.  Press  Enter.  Change to  Permanent.  Press  Enter

4. Now scroll right until you see  Change IP AddressSubnet, or  Gateway. Press  Enter.
Use the Up/Down Arrow button to increment the Number and the Left/Right Arrow button to move the cursor. 

5. When finished, press  EnterMenuEnter to save changes. 

Note:  S4M printers with EPL E53 firmware will not display Print Server settings or support ZebraLink functionality.


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