Setting The IP Address through the ZM Series LCD Front Panel Display

Setting The IP Address through the ZM Series LCD Front Panel Display

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This procedure describes using the Printer Front Panel Display to set or change the TCP/IP settings. IP, Subnet, & Default Gateway addresses for Network.

Applies to

  • ZebraNet Print Server II and ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 (internal or external)
  • ZebraNet Wireless and Wireless Plus Print Servers
  • ZM400, ZM600, RZ400, & RZ600



The printer network configurations can be set using the printer Front Panel LCD Display. It should be noted that before this can be accomplished the Print Server must be the Active Device. For a wired Print Server, a live network cable must be plugged into the printer. Selection between the Wireless and Wired print server is done from the LCD Display under the PRIMARY NETWORK menu item. 



  1.  Press Setup/Exit on the printer Front Panel Display
  2. Press the Left  "-"  button until you see IP Protocol - Press the Select button.  
  3. You will be prompted for a password.  The default password is 1234. 
    The right + button increments the number.  The left - button moves the cursor to the right. 
  4. Once the password is entered on the display, press the Setup/Exit button. 
  5. Now press Select again and use the +/- buttons to set to Permanent. (Static IP)
  6. Press the Select Button when finished.
  7. Then press the Right + button until you see the TCP/IP setting you wish to change.  IP addressSubnet Mask or Default Gateway
  8. Press Select when you get to the setting you want to change.
  9. Now you can use the Right + or Left -  buttons to change the IP setting selected, without having to re-enter the password..  
  10. To save the changes, press Setup/Exit twice, printer should display Saving Changes Permanent.
  11. Cycle power on the printer to allow changes to take effect.

Note: ZM Series printers with EPL E53 firmware will not display Print Server settings or support ZebraLink functionality.

+ Product Codes

  • ZM400
  • ZM600