Setting the label length using the EPL2 Q Command

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Setting the Label Length with the EPL2 Q Command

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EPL2 Compatible Printers


The EPL2 upper case "Q" command is used set the label length, gap length, or mark length. The gap or mark length need to be specified in order for the labels to calibrate.  The command is case sensitive.

  • If gapped labels are being used,  the p2 parameter of the Q command ( Qp1,p2(+/-)p3 ) needs to be specified.    An example would be Q406,24. A label length of 2 inched with a gap length of 24 dots has been set on a 203dpi printer.
  • If marked labels are being used, the B parameter of the Q command Q203,B24+12 ) needs to be specified.   An example would be Q203,B24.  A mark length of 24 dots has been sent.
  • If continuous labels are being used ( no gaps or no marks ) then 00 is an acceptable value for the p2 and B parameters of the EPL Q command. i.e Q00

On a printer with a 203dpi print head 1 inch = 203 dots. i.e. 4 inches = q812.  On a printer with a 300dpi print head 1 inch = 300 dots. i.e. 4 inches = q1200. 

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