Setting the Print Speed on a Zebra Printer

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Adjusting, changing the print speed

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Zebra Printers


 "Print Speed" is the rate of label movement when printing a label image. "Throughput"  is the combination of the time it takes to process the ZPL commands (label format) and print a label. If there is an unexpected hesitation between labels when printing batches you will have to examine the parameters associated with the label generation, data transfer, and application. Changing the print speed would not improve the time it takes to print a label if there is a delay due to these factors.


The printer operates at the selected speed in terms of inches/mm per second.

  • The Print Speed can be selected through the LCD Display (excludes ZT220). Because print quality is effected by print speed, media, ribbon, and printer operating modes, it is important to run tests for your application to choose the optimal setting. 
  • It is common to have a print speed value included with your label format. The printer setting will be ignored if there is a ^PR (ZPL Print Rate) in the ZPL being received with the print job. Read More>>


Note: Slowing down the print speed can also help if the print is too light

Helpful Information

Important: Software and driver settings can over-ride the print speed setting on the printer:
  • The Zebra Setup Utility can be used to configure the printer’s settings.  Read More>>
  • If your application is printing through the Zebra Designer Driver  Read More>>
  • If your application is printing through a 3rd party driver, contact that vendor’s technical support.
  • If you are using ZPL code in your application, The ZPL command ^PR can also be used to control the print speed. Read More>>
 To view the printer's current ZPL configuration,  Read More>>


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  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 110PAX Print Engines (disc.)
  • 110Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 140Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 170Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 220Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • All Surface RFID Label Solution
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  • R110Xi4 RFID Printer
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  • ZE500R RFID Print Engine
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  • ZT200 Series Industrial Printers
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