Setting the print width on an Z Series Printer

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This procedure details setting the print width of the printer.

How do I adjust the print width setting?
The image if cut off on the right side** of the label. How do I fix this?

**What is left or right?  Read More>>

Applies To

ZM-Series Printers


The print width setting on the printer controls the maximum width of an image the printer will print on the label. Most users set the print width to full width and this is the default setting. The image may be cut off if the print width is not set correctly for the width of the labels used as shown in this picture.

User-added image

This width setting can be changed from the printer LCD Display or via the ^PW ZPL Command that could be sent from the software or driver. A value sent from your software of driver is often the cause of unexpected print width changes. 



You do not need to set the print width narrower than the full width unless you are inverting the image 180 degrees or using image rotations dependent on the outboard side margin. More often than not an application or driver will alter the print width to match the actual width being used. As long as that width is correctly set there should be no impact to the image printed.

Listed are the methods that can be used to alter the print width if necessary. 


 To view the printer's current ZPL configuration, see  Read More>>
    • The Zebra Setup Utility can be used to configure the printer’s settings. Read More>>
    • If your application is printing through the Zebra Designer Driver Read More>>
    • If your application is printing through a 3rd party driver, contact that vendor’s technical support.
    • If you are using ZPL code in your application, the  ^PW can also be used to set the Print Width. Read More>>
    • Front Panel Print Width Adjustment.


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+ Product Codes

  • ZM400
  • ZM600