Setting the Top Margin on the Zebra Kiosk Driver

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Setting the top margin affects the physical distance between the top of the paper and the cutter. 

Applies To

Zebra Kiosk Printers


The printer will always have a top margin depending on the printer family and the distance between the cutter and the print head can be reduced by reversing the paper. This value is the setting that will determine the amount the printer has to reverse the paper. This is equivalent to the Paper Reverse or the Reverse Before Print command "ESC j" .

To set this in the Kiosk driver 0.3.510.52 and above:

  1. Go to Printer & Faxes
  2. Right click the Printer and choose "Properties".
  3. Then choose the "Device Settings" tab.

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Please note: The physical distance for a TTP 2000 is 9mm, for a TTP 2100 is 9mm, for a TTP 7030- is 14mm, and for a TTP 8200 is 19mm.