Setting up and Troubleshooting a Printer for a Wireless Network

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Setting up a Zebra Printer for wireless communication. Includes how to configure a printer for wireless connection to a network, and viewing the printer’s network settings.


Applies to

Zebra Printer with a wireless communication option


  • ZebraNet Wired and Wireless Print Servers User Guide. Read More>>

Zebra offers 2 tools that can be used to configure the printer wireless functionality as well as the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page:

 ** Download the latest version from the Zebra website to assure proper configurations are applied. Also save and power cycle to apply setting.

The ZSU and Bridge (Web Page is Ethernet only) allow you to connect to the printer via local connection (USB, parallel, or serial) or wired Ethernet to send the wireless settings to the printer. 

Note: When connecting the printer USB make sure the latest version of the Zebra Designer Driver has been installed.  The ZD driver can be downloaded from   It should be noted that the latest version of the driver is included with the latest version of the ZSU.  



  1. Following the steps outlined in the tool you used to configure your wireless printer.
  2. Power cycle the printer or reset the network on the printer to connect the printer to your WLAN after sending your WLAN settings. (Important - Setting will not take effect until you Power Cycle or Reset the Network)
  3. Try to ping the IP address of the printer or view the printer web page, to see if the printer was able to connect to your network.
  4. If the ping is successful your printer is now connected to the network.  


Problem Resolution
If you are not able to connect using the Wireless Plus Print Server:


-Make sure you have the correct option board for your printer. Read More>>.

-Make sure you have a supported radio card

-Make sure the radio card is inserted properly into the card slot.


If you are not able to connect using the Wireless Plus and all other Wireless Print Servers:



-Make sure the printer is a the latest version of printer firmware available from

-Make sure the software utility used to configure the printer is at the latest version from

-Make sure the wireless network settings are saved on the printer and match the WLAN where you are trying to connect.  Hint: The settings like ESSID are case sensitive. Print a Network Configuration Label Read More>>

-If the printer has both a wired and wireless print server, make sure Wireless is set for the Primary Network. Read More>>

- Try defaulting the network settings and reloading Read More>>

Helpful Links


Description Link
Defaulting the Network Settings Defaulting Network Setting Procedure Read More>>
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Viewing the Printer Configurations Print a printer configuration label Read More>>

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