Setting ZQ110 for EM220II Compatibility Mode

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Setting ZQ110 to EM220II compatibility mode

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ZQ110 Mobile Printer


The ZQ110 has the ability to emulate the EM220II alleviating the need to modify most applications.  Some application changes may still be required.  The procedure below illustrates how to set the ZQ110 for EM220II compatibility mode.

  1. This procedure allows for EM220II users to replace their printer without changing the system environment. 
  2. To change the ZQ110 to EM220II compatibility mode first remove the battery.
  3. Once the battery is removed you will see a rubber flap covering the dip switches next to the battery contacts.
  4. Open the flap and set dip switch number 3 to 'On'.  This will enable compatibility mode on reboot.
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