Solving R110Xi4 Tag Errors - VOIDS or Encoding the wrong tag

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R110Xi4 RFID Setup and Best Practices

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There are no Transponder Placement / Power Guidelines for the R110Xi4 as it has the below features:-

Adaptive Encoding Technology automatically selects optimum encode settings
Variable inlay placement supports a range of inlay positions for maximum media flexibility by automatically sensing inlay position to optimise encoding
Prints and encodes EPC Gen 2 tags with a minimum pitch of 16mm
On-pitch Encoding - Ability to print/encode small tags very close together
Labels 2" and longer require no RFID calibration! 
Please see the below link for more details of this printer’s RFID capabilities:- Read More>>

 If your printer is printing VOIDS when you try to read or write to your RFID tags or encoding the wrong tag, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Run Label Length Calibration

Make sure the printer is calibrated to your labels length.  The default for the RFID printers for Media Power UP and Head Close is Feed.  For standard printers it is Calibration.  Running calibration repeatedly on error or power up would waste labels hence the Feed selection. (Feeds to the gap when labels are loaded) You may have to run calibration as a onetime event to properly configure the printer for your label size.

See links for Calibration steps: 

Gap Media Label Length Calibration  Read More>>

Note:  You may need to adjust the position of the media sensors before running media calibration. Read More>>

Mark Media Label Length Calibration Read More>>

You can try printing an RFID format after running calibration.  If you continue to see VOIDS, check your label format or software/driver for any settings that are a mismatch for what is set up on the printer or that would affect the media position.  i.e. backfeed, label top, Media Type, or Media tracking.

If you continue to print VOIDS, continue to the Transponder Calibration section below.

2. Transponder Calibration:

If the media is 2 in. (51 mm) or longer and if your printer is using a programming position of F0 or B0, you may not need to run transponder calibration. The printer uses a feature called Adaptive Antenna Sweep to try to locate the transponder a single time on the first label after you close the printhead or power cycle the printer. 

If the media is less than 2 in. (51 mm) long, perform transponder calibration using one of the ways described below:

a. Load the printer with RFID media. Make sure that your printer is calibrated for the label length of the media being used.   Label Length Calibration. Read More>>

b. Remove tags from first 1.25" of liner and allow it to extend outside the printer. The printhead must be closed.

c. Run RFID Calibration - Fron the Front Panel LCD choose RFID Tag Calib - Run.

If the label printed normally:  The printer located the transponder using Adaptive Antenna Sweep.  The printer uses the resulting settings until the next time that the printhead is closed or the next time that the printer is power cycled.  It is recommended to save settings at this point and print a configuration label for reference.

If the label was voided:  The printer was unable to locate the transponder using Adaptive Antenna Sweep. The printer voids the label and reverts to the previous printer settings. Perform transponder calibration using one of the ways described below.  During the transponder calibration procedure, the printer feeds an RFID label one millimeter at a time while taking readings (via the READ TAG command and the WRITE TAG commands) to profile the location of the RFID transponder. Based on the results, the printer selects the following optimal values for the media being used:
• the programming position
• the antenna element
• the read/write power levels

These values are saved to nonvolatile memory (the value is saved even if the power is turned off). The calibrated values are used for all subsequent labels unless a label format specifies a different value. Make sure your software is not sending a Program Position that is different than what the printer determines. (See the ^RS ZPL command)

Transponder calibration can be performed in several ways:
• using the RFID TAG CALIB control panel parameter (see Calibrate RFID Transponder Position in the RFID Programming Guide) Read More>>
• using the ^HR ZPL command (see ^HR command in the RFID Programming Guide). Read More>>

RFID Programming Guide.  Read More>>

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