Solving VOIDS and Best Practices on RFID Printers

Solving VOIDS and Best Practices on RFID Printers

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Steps for resolving VOIDs and RFID best practices

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R110Pax, R170Xi, R110Xi HF, R110Xi


1.  Is the printer calibrated to your Label's length?  The default of the RFID printers at Media Power Up and Head Close is Feed.  On standard printers it is Calibration.   Perform a Media and Ribbon Calibrate.  Find it in the Front Panel LCD of the printer and it walks you thru step by step.  Note:  the Program Position is reset after Calibration.

2. Do your RFID Tags meet Zebra's Placement Specification?  Check the Placement Specification for the Tag Type you are using. Read More>>  If not you may need to calculate the Program Position manually.  Refer to the ^RS command in the RFID Programming Guide. Read More>>

3. Check RFID Front Panel Settings  Print Mode, Backfeed Setting (should be Default) RFID Tag Type, Write Power,  & Read Power. The recommended read/write power levels can be found on the Placement Specification. Read More>>

4. Is every label VOIDING? Check label format for incorrect RFID ZPL command structure. See the RFID Programming Guide.  Read More>>  Make sure your ZPL format is not sending a Program Position (^RS) that differs from the value the printer has listed in the Printer's configuration.

5. Make yourself a known Test format that you know works properly for each type of inlay and printer. Read More>>  This way you can determine if it's a printer problem or format problem.

6 . While printing please make sure you keep the Media Cover closed.  It keeps the dust out and prevents RF from leaking out.

7. Check to make sure the printer is at the current firmware level (Printer Firmware and Reader Firmware). Print a configuration label to check this, List Setup. Reader firmware is listed under RFID VERSION on the Config Label.  New updates can be found at zebra website.  Read More>>

Note: If reader firmware is not listed on the website no update is available or it has been built into the printer's firmware.  Trouble installing the firmware for your printer?  When installing firmware into your printer.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.  If you shut off the printer in the middle of the download the printer will not receive the entire application.  After you download the Reader firmware you need cycle the power to the printer for 3 seconds.

9. Check Environment for Interference. External Reader/Antenna, Radio Waves, Electrical Power Cables, Cordless Phones etc.


If you have technical questions please contact Technical Support  Read More>>


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