Some Printer WebPages Will Not Load When Running A Wireless WPA2 Security

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Print Server web page does not load

Applies To

Zebra Printers using the ZebraNet Wireless Option

Cause or Overview

Using a ZebraNet Wireless Plus Print Server with a WPA2 security you may notice some printer web pages fail to load into your web browser. (i.e. session timed out) The printer will take longer to respond with its web page due to the increased overhead created by running the advanced wireless security This can result in the  web browser timing out.


Increase The Web Browser's Default Timeout Value 

The workaround would be to increase the timeout setting for your web browser.  Microsoft has a knowledge base article for Internet Explorer. Read More>>

If using a web browser other than IE, check with the OEM's support for details on changing their browsers time out value.