Tear off position adjustment using the LCD Display

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Adjusting the Tear-Off Position using the printer LCD Display 

Applies To

Zebra Printers with a display


The Tear-Off adjustment allows you to position the labels so they can be

  • Torn at the inter-label gap in Tear-Off Mode
  • Properly positioned in Peel Mode
  • Cut tags or labels in the correct position in Cutter Mode.


Note: Software or drivers may send a ~TA ZPL command that will override the printer value. If possible select "Use Printer Settings" to avoid overwriting your configured setting or match the printer value you establish.  


    Load the Media and configure the printer for the PRINT MODE you are using (i.e. TEAR OFF, CUTTER, PEEL OFF)

    Scroll to the TEAR OFF Menu Item.

    Adjust the TEAR OFF Position (-) to pull the label back into the printer, (+) to push the labels out. 

    Press the Feed Button and note the change in the position (or cut if cutter mode)

    Once the desired position is achieved Exit and Save the setting.