The Images and Text are Coming Out Blurry on Zebra Card Printer

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The images and text are coming out blurred on Zebra Card Printers

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  • All card printer models except P630, P640, and ZXP Series
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Cause or Overview

Blurry printing can be caused by numerous issues.  Below are the most common causes and steps that can be taken to remedy the issue.


Blurry printing typically results from ribbon motion problems.  Make sure that the ribbon synchronizes and that the print head is latched down. Raise and lower the print head to re synchronize the ribbon.  You can resynchronize the ribbon by send the !CSA command to the printer.  You will want to remove the ribbon and then send the !CSA 0 command to the printer (with the printhead latched shut) and after it completes that synchronization, reinstall the ribbon and send the !CSA 1 command.  For more information on sending commands to the printer, click the following link.  Read More>>

Dirty rollers can also cause blurry printing. Oils and dust not visible to the naked eye can contaminate the rollers and cause the cards to slip. Make sure you regularly clean your rollers using the alcohol swabs included in your cleaning kit.  See Helpful Information below for cleaning procedures.

The rollers in this card printer are made of rubber designed to transport plastic (PVC) cards. Using paper backed or other types of materials can cause card slippage resulting in blurry printing.

Helpful information

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+ Product Codes

  • P100i
  • P110i
  • P120i
  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer
  • Value Class Card Printer