The ZebraDesigner Driver for the ZT400 Printer will not allow Label Length settings smaller than 1" (25 mm)

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Topic or Information

ZebraDesigner Driver  label size setting for the ZT400 Series Printers will not accept label lengths under 1 inch 

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Driver (v or earlier) used with the ZT410 or ZT420 printer


The ZebraDesigner Driver for the ZT400 printer was released with an incorrect label length specification and does not permit settings below 1 inch. For example setting the length for .5" results in changes to 1".  

You can use a different printer selection changing the model to the matching resolution and width capabilities as a work around. For example, use the ZM400 200dpi for the ZT410 200dpi printer.

The label length issue is expected to be corrected in the next release of the driver due October 2014.

+ Product Codes

  • All Surface RFID Label Solution
  • ZT400 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT400 Series RFID Printers
  • ZT410 Industrial Printer
  • ZT410 RFID Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 RFID Industrial Printer