TTP 2000 / TTP 2100 Paper Guide Information

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Paper guides for TTP 2000 and TTP 2100 series of kiosk printers are available as separate items, and NOT included with the printer

Applies To

Zebra TTP2000 Series and TTP2100 Series Kiosk Printers


It is essential to use a paper guide for the printer to operate correctly.  If a printer is used without a paper guide, the paper will track sideways causing paper jams which may stop the kiosk from functioning correctly.  The reason for not including a guide with the printer is that different widths are available to cover a variety of applications.

Please remember to always check the width of the TTP 2000 or TTP 2100 paper guide required for the application, and to add the same number of paper guides as printers to all printer orders.

To prevent any damage to the printer, only install or remove a paper guide with the power removed.


+ Product Codes

  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2100 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2110 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 2130 Kiosk Printer