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Serial Communications to a Kiosk Printer 

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The PC must have the same communication settings as the printer in order to operate correctly. The printer's communication settings can be found on the Kiosk printer's Parameter Page. You will need to compare the baud rate, the data bits, the parity and the flow control. A proper NULL modem cable from Zebra is also required.

The Default serial communication settings for all Kiosk products are: 9600 BPS, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, No Parity, and Hardware Handshaking.

The commands to set the printer's serial interface settings are as follows:

Stores the communication speed:

<ESC>&P<001><024> 2400 bps

<ESC>&P<001><048> 4800 bps

<ESC>&P<001><096> 9600 bps

<ESC>&P<001><019> 19200 bps

<ESC>&P<001><038> 38400 bps

<ESC>&P<001><057> 57600 bps

<ESC>&P<001><011> 115200 bps

Selects if 7-bit ASCII, or 8-bit, is used on the serial interface:

<ESC>&P<002><007> 7-bits (characters 0-127)

<ESC>&P<002><008> 8-bits (characters 0-255)

Select what parity to use on the serial interface:

<ESC>&P<003><000> No parity

<ESC>&P<003><001> Odd parity

<ESC>&P<003><002> Even parity

Select what handshaking to use on the serial interface.

<ESC>&P<004><000> No flow control

<ESC>&P<004><001> Xon / Xoff 1 

<ESC>&P<004><002> Hardware


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