TTP8x00 Kiosk Printer page retracts immediately

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TTP8x00 page retracts without waiting

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TTP8200, TTP8300


After a page is printed, it is retracted back into the printer immediately, so that it cannot retrieve the printout.

This issue can be divided into two circumstances.
If you are printing a multi-page document, and the printer retracts the completed page immediately:

This behavior is by design, but can be changed. The printer has a retract (or wastebasket) setting which controls what happens when 1) a page has completed printing, 2) another page comes along to be printed, and 3) the last page of a job (or the only page in a single-page job) has been printed.

In the printer preferences in the Windows driver (right click on the printer->Printing Preferences->Advanced), you will see "Retract Setting". In that list are options such as "Eject", "Eject and Retract after 30 seconds", "Retract and Retract after 180 seconds", and so on. This setting controls 1) what happens when a new page arrives and 2) what to do with the last page of a job. For example, the setting "Eject and Retract after 30 seconds" will Eject a completed page when a new page comes along to be printed. When the last page of a job or a single page job has completed, the printer will hold that sheet for 30 seconds, then retract the page. Therefore, when you are printing a multi-page job, the printer will eject each page as it is completed. If that setting were "Retract and Retract after 30 seconds", each page of the job would retract immediately after completion.

To prevent the last page from Ejecting or Retracting automatically, set this option to "Eject" or "Retract" - this tells the printer to eject or retract a completed page when a new one comes along, but to do nothing with a single page or the last page of a multi-page job.

There is also an option "Hold Page After Print." This option is designed to hold each page of a multi-page job and wait for the user to retrieve it before continuing with the rest of the job. As of right now, this option is EXPERIMENTAL and does not work in all situations. It will be stable and production-usable after the release of firmware version 3.0.


If you are printing a single page job and the page retracts immediately:

There is a known issue when printing a single page job with the parallel interface. An interaction between the Language Monitor component of the driver and the parallel chip causes the printer to think there is another page coming along, even when there is not. The printer then retracts or ejects the finished page in preparation. This issue occurs on various types of PC's with certain parallel chips.

To work around this, you need to disable the LM.


NOTE: Disabling the LM will prevent you from obtaining printer status through the driver and my disrupt your application if it requires this status information. To disable the LM, right click on the printer, and select Properties. Under the Ports tab is a checkbox "Enable bidirectional communication". Uncheck this box and restart the spooler service or restart your PC.

This issue will be resolved with the release of firmware version 3.0.


+ Product Codes

  • TTP 8000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 8200 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 8300 Kiosk Printer