Two Zebra Printers Printing Different Size Images

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Two printers receiving label requests from the same source and are printing different size images or text. This may appear to be too large or too small depending on the original printer being compared.  

Applies To

Zebra Printers used in the same application

Cause or Overview

Many Zebra printer models support multiple printhead resolutions as an optional selection when purchasing the printer. Sending the same label format to printers with different resolutions will result in variation of the size of the image. For example, sending a 203 dpi format to a 300 dpi printer will result in an image that is approximately 33% smaller.  


  1. Verify the printhead resolution is the same on both printers by comparing a printer setup label (Configuration Label) . Note the line that states the Resolution value. These should be the same on both printers. Read More>

  2. If you are printing from two different driver or software applications verify that you have selected the correct resolution for the printer model you are using. Some Zebra Printers offer multiple resolutions when purchasing the product and your settings must match the actual printer being used. For example you select a 220Xi4 300 dpi driver and you are printing to a 220Xi4 200 dpi printer the image will be 30% larger due to the resolution mismatch.

Note: Some printers offer field conversion kit options that can be installed by a qualified Zebra Service Technician. Consult with your Zebra Reseller for details.