UHF Encoder Write Error 63 with Zebra Card Performance / Value Class SDK

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Topic or Information

For some card printers, when using the Performance / Value Class SDK, writing data to memory bank three using the function ZBRUHFWriteTagData can result in an error 63

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Card Printers


There are two possible fixes to this issue:

  1. Attempt encoding again with new, unused UHF cards.  UHF contactless cards can come with intricate security features that can lock a user out after successive failed attempts to write information.
  2. Update the file ZBRUHF.dll to version  Make sure that no earlier version of ZBRUHF.dll resides in either the Win32 directory or in the project's bin directory.  Contact a member of the Card SDK group at Card_SDK_Questions@zebra.com to get a copy of this library.