Unable to Build an AirBEAM OS Update Package from a Device Configuration Package

Article ID: 49866522


Unable to build OS update package. Cannot find OS image files


MSP, AirBEAM, OSUpdate Package Builder

Root Cause

Need to upgrade OS


Use OSUpdate Package Builder to build the AirBEAM Package .
  1. Download and install the OSUpdate Package Builder.  
  2. Download and install the desired Device Configuration Package (DCP) for the Mobile Unit that you are upgrading.
  3. Open OSUpdate Package Builder and create a new file. 
  4. Select the Device Type for the device you are upgrading (use Magneto for all Windows Mobile 5.0 devices). 
  5. Click Add and browse to locate the Partition Table image.  This will be located in the directory that the DCP package was installed to, for example: C:\Program Files\Symbol Device Configuration Packages\MC3000C50Ben\V1.4\OSUpdate\Images
  6. Follow the above step for the rest of the images provided, which may include Platform, Application, Monitor, Splash Screen, Power Micro and the OS NOTE: Please read the Release Notes provided with the DCP for a description of which file relates to each partition type.
       7.  Click File à Generate AirBEAM Package.
       8.  Enter the version.
       9.  For the OSUPDATE Utility and OSUPDATE dll use the files provided in the DCP install, located in the OSUpdate folder.  C:\Program Files\Symbol Device Configuration ckages\MC3000C50Ben\V1.4\OSUpdate
     10.  Check the Include Images box.
     11. Click OK.
     12.  The newly generated .apf package can be uploaded to an MSP server for deployment to desired devices.

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