Unicode Printing using the free Swiss 721 Font for Zebra ZPL Printers

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Issue / Question

Unicode compatibility and Swiss 721 font option for ZPL Printers

Applicable To

Zebra ZPL compatible printers printing Roman, Cyrillic, Eastern European, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew. (Unicode Support was implemented starting with version X.14 and later).

Resolution / Answer

Unicode capability can be used or tested by downloading the free Swiss Font file from the Zebra website.

Downloading the 77849_002.ZSU font file to the printer allows you to assign and use the font for printing Unicode text. The font file will be downloaded to the non-volatile E: memory and appear as either TT0003M_.FNT or TT0003M_.TTF (depending on your printer).

The Swiss 721 font is available from the Zebra website. Swiss 721 Character List (pdf document).


  1. Check to see if the Swiss 721 font is loaded on the printer by viewing the flash memory files on the printer. Print a "List Fonts" label and note if the file has been loaded. (TT0003M_.xxx).
NOTE If your printer does not support a font list display, refer to List Font Methods On A Zebra Printer.
  1. Download this zipped Unicode test file Swiss721_UTF-8.zip for printing Unicode UTF-8 characters in multiple languages. 
  2. Extract the Zipped file to a known location. You should see Swiss721_UTF-8.txt where the file was extracted.


IMPORTANT! To avoid corrupting the UTF-8 encoding do not view and save the file. However, you can use applications such as Notepad but make sure you have it configured to use the Swiss 721 font. (i.e.Open Notepad and on the Menu Bar select Format|Font).

You will then see the Swiss 721 fonts in your format in Notepad. If you choose to edit or modify the content, ensure that you select the correct encoding. For this example, it is UTF-8.

  1. Use the  Zebra Setup Utility or the Zebra Designer Driver Tools "Send File" feature to download the Unicode test file to the printer. - Any method of sending the file can be used as long as it does not corrupt the encoding.

The resulting label will print as shown here:


NOTE Languages that have character-shaping or are multi-directional may need to have the Advanced Text command parameters properly configured so glyphs are properly positioned. The Arabic text in the above example required ^PA (Advanced Text) settings to print correctly. 


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