Uninstall and Reinstalling Zebra Kiosk Printer Drivers

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How to uninstall and reinstall kiosk printer drivers?

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Zebra TTP Kiosk Printers

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End Of Service Life (EOSL) Zebra no longer provide services or support for TTP Series Kiosk Printers. This knowledge article is for your reference only and is no longer proactively updated. For more details, refer to Discontinued Printers. If you are interested to upgrade your products, Contact Zebra.

Each release of the driver should be installed on a system free of the previous versions. There is an automated uninstaller application that can be found on the printer's support page. 

In Support and Download: Printers, search for your product by the Product Name, Model Number, or scroll down to Kiosk Printers and click on your Printer model. Once on the printer's support page, click on the Software & Utilities tab and you will find the Windows Driver Uninstaller.

If this tool does not function, perform these steps manually to ensure there is no interference between driver components of different versions.


NOTE These procedures apply to Windows 2000 & XP systems.



  1. Navigate to Control Panel, select Printers & Faxes and delete the printer.
  2. Right-click on your mouse and select Server Properties.
  3. Select Drivers tab and delete the driver that you want to upgrade. 
  4. To stop the Spooler Service, you can use:
    • Services section of Computer Management
    • Command (DOS) prompt by issuing this command: net stop spooler
  5. Remove the Swecoin INF and PNF device information files by performing these steps below:
    1. Search the C:\Windows\INF directory for any .inf directory that contains Swecoin driver information. (This is by default, a hidden folder, so you will have to enable the visibility of the hidden files and folders).
      NOTE Older driver versions may have this information in an oem??.inf file. Newer versions store this information in ttp17.inf or ttp8x00.inf.
    2. Delete the .inf files and their corresponding.PNF files. 


  1. Go to C:\Windows\system32 and delete the following files if they exist:  
    • Ttpmon.dll 

    • 8x00mon.dll 

    • 10x0mon.dll 

    • 20x0mon.dll 

    • 70x0mon.dll

  2. Reboot your computer and reinstall the printer drivers according to the install documentation.
NOTE The uninstall tool does not apply to Kiosk Driver versions 0.3.510.33 and above.


+ Product Codes

  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2100 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2110 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 2130 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 7030 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • TTP 7030 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • TTP 8000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
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