Uninstalling the Zebra Kiosk OPOS Driver

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Uninstalling the Zebra Kiosk OPOS Printer Driver

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OPOS Zebra Kiosk Printer Drivers


To uninstall the Kiosk OPOS driver you must use the "OPOS Printer Driver Un-install Program". This program is located in the installation directory of the Kiosk OPOS driver.

Note: Deleting the printer from the "Printer and Faxes" window may cause issues and does not ensure to delete all components for the OPOS driver.

Steps to uninstall the Kiosk OPOS driver:

  • Locate the "Uninstall.exe" program from the OPOS directory. This is the same directory in which the driver was installed from.
  • Find the printer in the "Printer" column and this should automatically choose the "Driver" as well.
  • Then choose the "un-install" button located on the right.
  • This may cause you to reboot.