UNIX driver for Zebra printers

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Seeking a printer driver for UNIX or UNIX like (Linux, AIX) operating system

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Using Zebra Printers with Unix Operating System requiring a driver or needs to function connected to a Unix host.


The purpose of the driver is to translate a known generic output language into the printer control language necessary to print the pages. Zebra does not directly support printer drivers in Unix environments but there are options available.

Note: Software that will enable you to send an ASCII string or file out one of the host ports (Serial, Parallel and some others) can be used if that ASCII data is in the form of the  printer's native command language.  Depending on the model of the printer this will be Zebra Printer Language (ZPL), Eltron Printer Language (EPL), Comtec Printer Control Language (CPCL), or Kiosk Printer Language (KPL). In summary a driver would not be needed if you can directly send the printer the commands used to print the labels.

Unix Printing Options

1.  Zebra's Enterprise Connector Solution is an easy-to-implement way to print bar code labels directly from Oracle's BI Publisher. Read More>>

For support of Zebra printers on other Unix or Unix-like environments here are a couple of suggestions that you may wish to explore...

2. EuroPlus, the makers of the NiceLabel label design program have a version of the program for UNIX. It includes a UNIX print queue that can be used to print from any UNIX application to your printer. You can contact them at www.nicelabel.com

3. There is an open source project for Linux that is developing the Common UNIX Print System, or CUPS.  One of the contributors has provided a significant amount of information about Zebra printers and the current build (available from www.cups.org) supports printing to Zebra printers.

CUPS drivers are not created or supported by Zebra.  However, the following guidance is available for Linux installation.  Read More>>

The CUPS driver is also built directly into new versions of the MAC OS. Installing a Zebra Printer on Mac OS X 10.5 Read More>>


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ZPL manual  Read More>>

EPL manual Read More>>

CPCL manual. Read More>>