Unknown Monochrome Ribbon shown when using Color Ribbon on Zebra Performance Line Card Printers.

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Ribbon type showing as unknown with using Color Ribbon in Zebra Performance Line Card Printers

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Zebra P330i and P430i Card Printers


When installing a new ribbon it is important that the ribbon be placed all the way onto the ribbon supply spindle. The Flanged side of the ribbon has a white sticker on it with ribbon information such as part number, ribbon type and lot number.

This needs to be loaded onto the spindle first so that it is against the wall of the printer. "see Appendix A for how to load the ribbon"

If the ribbon is not loaded correctly the RFID reader inside the printer will not recognize the ribbon type and default to "Unknown Monochrome."

If you are sure the ribbon is loaded correctly try a different ribbon from a different Lot# "see Appendix B on how to identify the Lot#"

You can also attempt calibrating the ribbon sensors.  For procedure on how to do this, click the following link.  Read More>>

If that also fails to recognize the ribbon, there is a chance that the RFID reader in the printer has failed and will need service. Please see your distributor or go to Zebra Repair to setup a repair order.  Click the following link to fill our a repair order request.  Read More>>

Appendix A

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Appendix B

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  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer
  • Performance Class Card Printers