Unprintable Margin Area in a ZebraDesigner Created Label

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If an unprintable area is showing on your label template in ZebraDesigner version 2 software causing issues with your print width, follow the instructions below to help resolve the problems.

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ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software


This solution is useful for resolving issues related to designing a label format with ZebraDesigner Software and not being able to print the 'desired' width in the application.

If you see a red vertical line on you label in ZebraDesigner this represents the Unprintable Area of the label.    

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The Unprintable Area is determined by the maximum print width capability of the printer selected.   For example the Maximum Print Width on a 110Xi3 Plus 600dpi printer is 3.2 inches.  While the drive allows you to enter a slightly larger value, it adds the difference to the Unprintable Area value:

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Be sure to check you printer model's Printing Specifications for the proper print width before designing your label.