Unspecified or Unknown Device Error Not Communicating with Windows

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Unspecified or Unknown Device Error Not Communicating with Windows 7 or above

Applies To

Zebra Designer Driver

Windows 7 and later

Windows Server 2012

Cause or Overview

Microsoft chose to further “enhance” plug and play with Windows 7 and above.  This allows the operating system, when a USB printer is connected, to associate a printer to a driver automatically. 

However, the OS forces an association to occur even when it does not find the driver from the printer manufacturer. If a printer is connected via USB before the ZebraDesigner driver is installed just once, the Microsoft operating system creates an “Unspecified” or "Unknown printer in Devices and Printers. 

The “Unspecified” driver that the Windows OS associates the Zebra printer with is a USB port that it automatically chooses.  Since this port has no association to a ZebraDesigner driver it does not know how to communicate with the Zebra printer. 


The issue can be resolved by getting the ZebraDesigner driver in place so that it automatically installs the correct driver for your printer the next time a Zebra printer is connected via USB.  Read More>>

An alternative solution is to attempt to update the "Unspecified" or "Unknown" driver that was already created in Devices and Printers.  To complete the necessary steps  Read More>>

This is not an issue that is specific to the Microsoft Certified ZebraDesigner driver. We have seen a few other solutions that have resolved this error under different circumstances.

Regarding Windows 8 "Unspecified Device" errors -  Run the Driver setup.exe logged in as admin using Windows 7 compatibility mode, and preinstall the driver. Then uninstall USB printing support from the device manager, and then scan for hardware changes. See if the printer is installed correctly.

In case the issue is still not resolved, for other possible solutions  Read More>>