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Updating Reader Firmware in RFID Printers

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Problems updating a printer RFID Reader Firmware

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Applies to R110Xi, R170Xi, & R110Xi HF


As a general rule Printer firmware should be updated first before updating the RFID Reader firmware.

After updating Printer firmware be sure to power cycle printer. After turning Printer back on, wait 1-2 minutes before sending RFID Reader firmware to printer in order to give RFID Reader a chance to sync up with the Printer.

After installation of RFID Reader Firmware is complete the printer must be power cycled to correctly print the new Reader Firmware version on a Configuration label (LIST SETUP). Reader Firmware is listed as RFID Version on the printer's configuration label.

The preferred methods of updating the firmware for the printer and RFID reader via the Parallel port or a Ethernet connection. The read me file that comes with the firmware has examples of how to send files to printer.


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