Upgrading Mobile Printer Firmware

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Upgrading the firmware version of that is running on your Zebra Mobile Printer

Applies To

All Zebra Mobile Printers

Excludes: ZQ110, EM220, EM220II


Communication with printer and ability to send files/commands to the printer as well as the firmware file to upgrade the unit.


Below is a recommended procedure for upgrading the firmware running on your Mobile Printer


Important Note: QLn printers using V68.18.0Z or earlier requires an intermediate step before loading the latest firmware. You must first update the printer to V68.18.6Z before proceeding to the later versions.  Read More>>

Checking Firmware

There are several methods available to check the currently installed firmware of Zebra mobile printers.  The general sure-fire way is to print a configuration label.  This can be done with the 'two-key' test: 

  • Turn off the printer
  • Hold in the feed key
  • Turn the printer back on, waiting for some of the media to start feeding.  At this point, release the feed key.


The configuration label should have a 'software' category, usually near the top.  This represents the firmware version.

Downloading Firmware to Computer

The most up to date firmware will be available at www.zebra.com/firmware.  After selecting your printer model, choose the most up to date firmware available (the firmware having the highest final few digits, usually listed on top).  If you are given the choice in between different model numbers, refer to the PCC number printed on the label on the bottom of the printer.  A PCC number of R2D-1234656-999 corresponds to a RxD model printers, for example.  It is very important that you download the appropriate model firmware.

Transferring Firmware to the Printer

The final step simply requires the user to send the firmware file directly to the printer.  This can be done by any means available to the user including through programs such as Teraterm or HyperTerminal.  Zebra provides many tools to help transfer the firmware over.  Here we explain two options:  Zebra Setup Utilities (ideal for locally connected printers or network printers) and ZebraNet Bridge (ideal for large amounts of network printers).

 Zebra Setup Utilities

Zebra Setup Utilities is an ideal tool to send firmware to a Zebra mobile printer connected locally, such as through a USB cable.  It can also be used to send firmware to Zebra mobile printers on the same network as the computer.  Zebra Setup Utilities is available for free.  Read More>>

To download firmware to the printer:

  1. Open Zebra Setup Utilities
  2. Select your printer
  3. Click on the 'Open Printer Tools' button
  4. Go to the 'Action' tab
  5. Choose 'Send File' (It is important that you do not choose 'Send and store file in printer memory')
  6. Select the firmware file in the browser box and hit 'Send'


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ZebraNet Bridge

For printers on the network, you may find it easier to use ZebraNet Bridge to download firmware to one (or all) of your mobile printers.  You can download ZebraNet Bridge from Zebra.com. Read More>>

To download the firmware:

  1. Run ZebraNet Bridge
  2. Make sure your mobile printer is listed and responsive
  3. Drag the downloaded firmware file to the listed printer
  4. Confirm 'yes' in message box to send the file


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Helpful Information

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