UPS LP2844 and UPS ZP450 Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

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Issue / Question

Why do white lines appear on the prints?

Why is the red light blinking?

Applicable To

UPS LP2844, UPS ZP450

Resolution / Answer

End Of Service Life (EOSL) Zebra no longer provides services or support for LP2844 products. This knowledge article is for your reference only and is no longer proactively updated.
For more details, refer to Discontinued Printers. If you are interested to upgrade your products, Contact Zebra.


UPS Printers are only designed to work with UPS shipping applications and 4x6 shipping labels. The UPS driver is required when using the UPS Printer. Normal ZebraDesigner Driver from the Zebra Website cannot be used on these specialty printers.

CAUTION Do not load the standard Zebra Printer firmware or use the ZebraDesigner Printer Driver. Special UPS firmware and printer driver are the only ones compatible with the printer.

Technical Support 

Zebra Technical Support will only support the printer as a standalone device to assure the printer is calibrated and able to print a self-test label. For example, determine the printer is functioning and able to print a label.

UPS Supportwill support the UPS Driver installation, configuration, and set up to allow printing from the Worldship application.  

The UPS Driver is available on the UPS Website.  
You can contact UPS Technical Support at 888-553-1118 (United States).

Common Problems

Print Quality
If there are white lines on the print, clean the printhead.

NOTE If the white lines still appear, the printhead may need to be replaced. Review service options.

If the print is too light or too dark, verify that the printer darkness setting in the UPS Driver is properly set to optimize the printing's intensity.

Communication failure

  1. Assure that the USB cable is properly connected.
  2. Check the printer setup in Windows to assure that the correct driver is used.
  3. Make sure that there are no multiple instances of the driver installed.
  4. Contact UPS Technical Support for driver setup assistance if the problem persists.

If the red light flashes, there is an issue with the paper out, perform calibration.

No self-test
If the printer fails to perform a self-test on power-up, review service options. 

No Power

  • For LP2844, verify the power supply connected to the printer.
  • For ZP450, make sure that the power connector at the rear of the printer is properly seated in the receptacle.

+ Product Codes

  • zp450 Desktop Printer