Why am I Prompted for PEAP Credentials when running fusion on a Mobile Unit?

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Why does the mobile unit keep prompting for PEAP credentials?


The Fusion software provides 3 options for PEAP Authentication User Logins.  The options are At Connect, On Resume, and At Time. 
  • User is intermittently prompted for PEAP credentials on the MC3090.
  • Fusion prompts the user for PEAP credentials intermittently.
  • User does not want to be prompted for PEAP credentials.
  1. Select the Fusion icon in the task bar of the Mobile UNit and choose Manage Profiles.
  2. Tap the profile that you have created for PEAP authentication and choose Edit.
  3. Click Next until the Prompt For Login screen is displayed.
  4. Uncheck all 3 boxes, At Connect, On Resume, and At Time.
  5. Click Next and enter the user name and password that will be used for PEAP credentials.
  6. Click Finish to save the profile settings.
Note If you never want the user to be prompted for their PEAP credentials then you will need to uncheck all of these options.  When these options are all unchecked the Fusion software will use the cached PEAP credentials that you configure each time a login is required.

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