Using Code 128 ZPL delimiter for Mode D requires proper number of characters

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Using Mode D settings for Code 128 Barcode creation requires specific data string entries to create properly coded barcodes. (Odd number of characters required to allow for an even number of character when the check digit is added)

Applies To

ZPL Printers using Code 128 UCC/EAN Mode (Mode D - x.11.x and newer firmware)

Excludes: 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53 Firmware Version), 888 DD/TT Series, MZ Series, ZQ110, EM220, EM220II


When using Mode D, the checksum is provided automatically and you should NOT include a character to be substituted for. So, when the barcode is programmed in mode D as in this example:


...the scanner will respond with  10FST5511[GS]17141031901282148 which is not what is desired. (i.e the 8 is not desired and is merely a placeholder)

If the last character of the example is removed, and the barcode command is:


....then the resulting barcode will be correctly encoded and the proper check digit added in the barcode data. 

So in summary  - use mode D as desired but only use odd number of characters in the ZPL ^FD to allow for the checksum character to create the even digit pairings.

Additional Information

Code 128 detail from the ZPL Manual Read More>>


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