Using ENQ 1 to get status on a Zebra Kiosk Printer

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The printer is equipped with a number of sensors that report the printer status and various conditions such as out-of-paper, previous printout not removed, etc.  Using the ENQ 1 command you can retrieve certain status reports from the printer.

Applies To

Zebra TTP Series Kiosk Printers


The <ESC><ENQ><1> is  a status enquiry that results in a response ACK (06 hex) and responds to a specific status code if all sensors are clear and there are no errors it will report a NAK (15 hex).

Status Codes:

ACK OK - (printer is operable)

NAK 01 - Paper left in presenter module. Attempt to clear the paper path failed.

NAK 02 - Cutter jammed.

NAK 03 - Out of paper.

NAK 04 - Printhead lifted.

NAK 05 - Paper-feed error. No paper detected in presenter although 10 cm has been printed. Paper might be wound around the platen or, in some way, has been forced above the presenter module.

NAK 06 - Temperature error. The printhead temperature has exceeded the 60 °C maximum limit.

NAK 07 - Presenter not running.

NAK 08 - Paper jam during retract.

NAK 0A - Black mark not found.

NAK 0B - Black mark calibration error.

NAK 0C - Index error.

NAK 0D - Checksum error.

NAK 0E - Wrong firmware type or target for firmware loading.

NAK 0F - Firmware cannot start because no firmware is loaded or firmware checksum is wrong.

NAK 10 - Retract function timed out. If the customer doesn’t take the paper and the printer clears the presenter due to a timeout, the pending error bit is set and error code NAK 10h is reported.

NAK 11 - Paused (ex. To avoid overheating of stepper motors).

NAK FF - Undefined error.

Errors 02h, 05h, and FFh are terminal faults that require you to reset the printer before it will be operable again. A reset means that any data in the buffer is lost. The printer will automatically recover from the other conditions as soon as the condition is corrected. <ESC><ENQ><1> can only return one status code at a time. If there are two or more simulatenous conditions, each condition should be cleared and the status enquiry repeated in order to get a complete report of all status codes.


To read out all status information at once, use <ESC><ENQ>E.


+ Product Codes

  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2100 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 2110 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 2130 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 7030 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • TTP 7030 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • TTP 8000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
  • TTP 8200 Kiosk Printer
  • TTP 8300 Kiosk Printer