Using MSP to Deploy the Wavelink Telnet Emulator

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How to deploy Wavelink Telnet Emulator using MSP?


  1.     Download and install the AirBEAM Package Builder or the MSP Package Builder
  2.     Download and install the Wavelink Telnet client for AirBEAM (for your particular model & OS version).
  3.     Run the Wavelink Product Configuration and configure your host and emulation profiles.
  4.     Close the configuration program and then browse to the folder where you installed the TelnetCE files (usually c:\program files\Wavelink\TelnetCE\Model_AB).
    • Example: C:\Program Files\Wavelink\TelnetCE\9000_AB for the MC9000 units.
  5.     Double click the APR file (for MC9000 units it will be called TelnetCE9000.APR) to open the AirBEAM package builder utility.
  6.     From the AirBEAM Package Builder menu, select "FileàGenerate APF".
  7.     From the Generate APF: Version Number dialog box, enter a version number (1.0, 2.0 etc.) and click OK.
  8.     From the Generate Package File as window, accept the default file name and click Save.  This will generate an APF file.
  9.     To import this file to your MSP appliance, log into the MSP console using Internet Explorer.
  10.     Click the Resources tab and then click Software Packages in the Device Configuration section.
  11.     Click the Import link and browse to the location on your PC where the APF file is stored then click Next.
  12.     Enter a description for the package, the Target Device and Target OS.
  13.     Click Finish to upload the package to the MCP appliance.