Using nav_bar with wml (Navigation bar) for Zebra LinkOS Compatible Printers

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Link OS Printers now support Display Navigation Bars 

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Link OS Compatible Printers


LinkOS printers added support for the nav_bar tag within wml.   
An example of its usage is shown below:


   <p1 highlight="(option)" href="(card)">(text)</p1>
   <p2 highlight="(option)" href="(card)">(text)</p2>


   <p1 highlight="off" href="HOMEMENU.WML">ª</p1>
   <p2 highlight="on" href="#DoDefaults">LOAD</p2>


Marty K

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  • QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
  • QLn Series Mobile Printers
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  • QLn220 Mobile Printer
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  • QLn420 Mobile Printer
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