Using Pre-Punched Cards on Card Printers

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The following information explains why the use of custom pre-punched cards is not recommended

Applies To

  • All card printer models
  • Custom pre-punched cards


Zebra does not recommend or support the use of pre-punched cards. Examples of pre-punched cards are the ones with a slot at the top or side of the card where a clip or hanger would attached.

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Using pre-punched cards may cause the following:

  • Ribbon tearing or sticking to the card
  • May cause incorrect operation of the sensors in the printer; this could cause transport or other problems while printing
  • Pre-punched cards frequently have a rough or jagged edge around the punched hole that can damage the print head during printing


It is recommended that hole punching be the final operation in preparing a card (i.e. after all printing / personalization and lamination is completed)