Using REMCapture to Capture Registry Settings

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How to create a REG file to persist settings on a device?


Symbol Windows CE mobile unit


Users of Symbol Windows CE based terminals need to create custom registry files to preserve OS and Network settings through a cold boot process.

RF, network and certain operating system settings are not preserved when a Symbol Windows CE mobile unit is cold booted.
  1. Download and install RemCapture on your PC
  2. Cold boot the Symbol terminal and make sure that is has a defaulted configuration and then insert it into its cradle.
  3. Establish an ActiveSync session with the PC.
  4. Start REMCapture on the PC.
  5. Click File.
  6. Click Baseline, to create a "baseline" configuration for the device.
  7. Once the baseline configuration has been configured, open the Mobile Companion interface on the Symbol Terminal and selectWLAN Profiles.
  8. Click the New button to create a new profile.
  9. Assign the new profile a name, ESSID, Authentication & Encryption schemes and IP configurations to match your network operations.
  10. Click OK to return to the Mobile Companion WLAN Profiles screen.
  11. Highlight the newly created custom profile and click Connect. This will make the custom profile the current profile.
  12. Click OK to exit from the Mobile Companion interface.
  13. Make sure that you have a working RF connection (device has an IP address and you can ping devices on your network).
  14. If you have removed the unit from its cradle, re-insert it into the cradle and re-establish an ActiveSync session.
  15. On the REMCapture interface, click File then click Difference and the REMCapture utility will compare the changes you have just made with the baseline configuration and write them to a file.
  16. Click File, then Save and REMCapture will create a folder on your PC with the Symbol Terminal device name and internal ID number of the OS. Inside the folder will be a REG file with the same name as the folder and it will contain the RF network settings that you need to make the unit cold boot persistent.
  17. Rename the REG file to a name that is more familiar to you (customrf.reg is a suggestion) and then ActiveSync the file to the Application folder of the Symbol terminal.
  18. Cold boot the terminal.
  19. If the REG file works, copy it to your other Symbol terminals (if your network uses Static IP addressing, then you will need to modify the REG file you created and change the IP address for each individual Symbol terminal).

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