Using Scratch-off ribbon with Zebra Card Printers

Using Scratch-off ribbon with Zebra Card Printers

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The scratch-off ribbon can be distinguished from other rolls of monochrome ribbon because it is grey in color with black lines in a wave-like pattern throughout. This continuous roll of material is used to place scratch off material over a printed portion on the cards. Typically this will be used to cover over a number, code, or value on the card.

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Card Printers (P330i, P330m, and P430i)


The driver will need to have the ribbon selected to "K" for black panel or monochrome.

For best results, use the scratch-off ribbons as a monochrome ribbon with the contrast set at C 3.  This will require you to send a command to the printer.  Instructions for sending a command can be found within the Additional Information below.  You will need to send the command "+C 3" (without the quotations).  You may not have to do this to receive quality output but if issues are seen, attempt this procedure.

The scratch-off ribbon can be applied over any of the following:

  • PVC Card
  • Monochrome ribbon part number 800015-101 and 800015-301
  • Hologram Varnish part number 800015-120
  • O-panel of the dye sublimation ribbons 800015-440, 800015-640, 800015-448

Note: Other media may be able to be used, but it is recommended that you verify compatibility with Zebra Client Care.  Read More>>

Additional Information

Sending Commands to Zebra Performance and Value Class Card Printers  Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer