Using The ~JK Command for Delayed Cutter Operations.

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This procedure provides details on using the ~JK command with the Delayed Cutter feature.


ZPL printers with the Cutter Option using Delayed Cutter feature added in firmware "Vxx.13.0.11A "


Cutter Option Installed


Delayed cutter — When the printer is in the Delayed Cut PRINT MODE, it will cut the label when it receives the ~JK (Delayed Cut) command. To activate the ~JK command, the printer's PRINT MODE must be set to Delayed Cut and there must be a label waiting to be cut. When the printer is not in the Delayed Cut PRINT MODE, the printer will not cut the label when it receives the ~JK command.


  1. Activate the Delayed Cut feature by setting the LCD Display PRINT MODE to DELAYED CUT or using ZPL  Example: ^XA^MMD^XZ
  2. Save the setting using the LCD Display Save feature or sending ZPL ^XA^JUS^XZ
  3. Test the feature by sending a complete format and allowing printing to complete
  4. Send the ~JK and the printer should perform the cut.

Helpful Information

  • The labels must be completely finished printing, then you can send the ~JK command to the printer to cut.
  • Send ~JK in a separate file - it cannot be sent at the end of a set of commands. 
  • The ~JK command is an command which gets processed when it is received and will not work if the labels are still in the process of printing.