Using the NTP - Network Time Protocol Feature with Zebra Printers

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Using the Network Time Protocol Feature

Applies To

Link OS Printers with Vxx.xx.10Z firmware

ZT-Series, ZQ500 Series, ZD500 Series, QLn Series 


The Network Time Protocol (NTP), which allows setting the printer's clock based on a time server was added to Link OS printers in VXX.XX.10Z. The NTP function is enabled and verified through use of three new Set Get Do commands as follows.

 "ip.ntp.enable"      ("on" or "off" are the options)

 "ip.ntp.servers" "x.x.x.x"     ("x.x.x.x" is the IP Address of the NTP Server)

 "ip.ntp"  Used to view the printer settings


In this example we used the Zebra Setup Utility Command Window to communicate to the printer Read More>>

1. Send the following SGD Commands to configure the NTP settings.

! U1 setvar "ip.ntp.enable" "on" <CR>

! U1 setvar "ip.ntp.servers" "" <CR>

2. Now cycle power on the printer

3. Using the ZSU Command Window verify settings. If the printer successfully “set” the two commands above and received the time from the NTP server you can view the information by sending the following "get" command.

! U1 getvar "ip.ntp" <CR>

The following is the screenshot that was returned by the printer verifying that the time was synchronized.

User-added image


Additional Information

Using Set Get Do Commands Read More>>


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